What is a Pathfinder?

path·find·er , n.

(1) One that discovers a new course or way, especially through or into unexplored regions.

(2) One of a group of paratroopers who land ahead of a main force in order to mark the drop zone.

The Pathfinder program was developed to provide a first point of contact for new parents.

What does a Pathfinder do?

First and foremost, Pathfinders assist individuals and families on a one-to-one basis.  Pathfinders sometimes develop local/regional networks; often they speak to medical and other professionals (including cleft/craniofacial teams, nursing students, civic groups and more) about the needs of patients and families.  However, our network was built one Pathfinder at a time, and personal, one-to-one assistance is always the focus of our efforts.

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An Overview of the Pathfinder Outreach Network
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