What materials should I include in a typical Pathfinder packet?

One word of caution...don't overwhelm new parents!  Information is wonderful, but too much, too soon is not recommended.  The most important things right now are:

Team and Local Information
Feeding/Outreach Reprint
AmeriFace and/or cleftAdvocate Brochure
Your Pathfinder Contact Information (Order Cards)
A Buddy Contact

Samples of these materials can be found here.

On-line Resources
On-Line Support at the Family-To-Family Connection

Cleft Palate Foundation
1-800-24-CLEFT - 24-hour Hotline
Recommended materials include medical team referrals, feeding, surgery and genetics information.

See cleftAdvocate's Feeders page!
Download our Feeding Reprint!
See cleftAdvocate's Lactation Information page!
Ask about the Resource Bank.

Buddy Match
Contact information for a "buddy", a parent or patient just like you who understands what a new family is going through.
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